Save Water – Protect Our Children’s Heritage

Water is arguably the most important element on this planet.

With an ever growing population, all natural resources, including water, needs to be carefully managed.

What Can I Do?

Many people believe these “big” issues are best left to authorities, politicians or, well – someone else …

Fortunately all of us can and should contribute. Any water saving campaign will only ever be successful if all of us play our part.

There are a whole list of things you can do.

Hose Nozzle – Use Water Saving Devices

Did you know that using a unrestricted garden hose can flow at 10 gallons (37.85 Litres) per minute.

Using the right type of garden hose nozzle can greatly reduce the flow whilst maintaining a constant pressure.

The product in the image, Hose Nozzle / Hand Sprayer – Eco Range, flow at a maximum rate of 2.5 gallons per minute.
It is an incredible saving of potentially more than 75%.

This will allow you to do all your watering chores around the house knowing you are actively contributing to this “big” issue.

This product is available on Amazon

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Hose Nozzle Hand Sprayer Eco Range. 7 Spray Settings

The device has 7 settings, catering for most watering need.
On top of that, you can adjust the flow-rate and even lock in the trigger for continues flow as illustrated above.